Raghav Sharma

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    Delhi, India

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    Business Consultant

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    Create Youtube Videos, Ads, Social Media Content, Commercials, Weddings, Real Estate

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    English, hindi


If you’re thinking about becoming a filmmaker, you’re likely wondering what does a filmmaker do. A filmmaker is in charge of deciding what aspects of an actor or actresses’ portrayal of the scene need to be altered from the script. They provide the creative flair and edge that sets the movie apart. Giving directions to the actors and actresses is very important because often, the filmmaker is responsible for the tone that the movie takes.

While the film director is in charge of actors and actresses, he/she also plays a role in the technical direction of the movie. From the behind the scenes lighting crew to the filming team, filmmakers work hard to ensure that the shots that are being recorded are the highest quality possible and provide a deep dramatic backdrop.


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