Advocate Shubham Borkar

  • Location

    Pune, MAHARASHTRA, India

  • Profession

    Legal & Advocates

  • Education


  • Languages

    English Hindi

  • Experience

    13 Years


Advocate, Startup Coach, Tax / IPR Practitioner and Consultant, Business Developer, CS Professional, Renowned Legal Author (Ranked 6th in Most Popular Author World List by Mondaq), UGC NET Qualified. Amongst Most Followed Lawyers on Linkedin in India.
Graduated from National Law Institute University (Bhopal), Post Graduated with LLM in Business Law and IPR from Oriental University. Pursuing Juris Doctorate JD/PhD in Trademarks Law and Artificial Intelligence. Registered with Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh.
Presently engaged as Lawyer with R.K Dewan & Co. involved in IP Litigation, Prosecution and Content Writing. I was previously engaged as Senior Associate with Khurana & Khurana Advocates and IP Attorneys, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan Attorneys and Vohra & Vohra.
I, specifically hold the forte of Business Development/Tax, IPR and Corporate Litigation for Indian/Southeast Asian geographies. Managing and understanding the client-specific requirements and ensuring efficient service deliverables in any IP, Tax and Corporate domain.
Having experience and skills in dealing with high profile clients, appearing before different judicial and quasi-judicial bodies including High courts, IPAB, NCLT, CESTAT, VAT Tribunals, Lower authorities.


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    Karan Gupta

    Excellent Session.

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    His behaviour was very nice.

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    Priya Kumari

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    Rajesh Singh

    awesome experience

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    I like the way you're teaching

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    Anshuman Rai

    I loved the session very much.

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    well explained

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    great session

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    Diya Bhardwaj

    I admire your work ethic and your talent.”

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    Varun Bhatt

    You inspire me.”

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    Arti Joshi

    This session was very interesting and easy to understand.

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