Arun Loganathan

  • Location

    Delhi, India

  • Profession

    Business Consultant


Arun Loganathan, popularly known as 'Arun the Mentalist', is an International award-winner, a professional mentalist, and a hypnotist, born and brought up in Chennai. His shows cater to all kinds of audiences from children to elderly people. His corporate shows are runaway success with both the clients and employees. He makes it a memorable occasion for the company and his show provides a stress buster for the employees. He adopts techniques that have a combination of mentalism and humor. He is also a trained hypnotist who knows to control the minds of other people, influence their thoughts and extract information from them by analyzing their psychological and behavioral patterns. His psychic abilities have not only gone to the extent of pleasing the sense of vision, but also the sense of hearing. This was proved by his mind reading show which he conducted through Radio!


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