Dan Candell

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    New Delhi, DELHI, India

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    English Hindi

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    7 Years


I’m a multi-award winning hypnotherapist, author, and speaker who has worked with thousands of people to help them overcome anxiety.

I started obsessing over ways to rapidly fix my own anxiety when it almost ended my career…

About 5 years ago, I used to perform a lot of stage shows across the world “wowing” the crowd as I hypnotized people in mere seconds.

It was great until one day I was performing on stage in Las Vegas.

There were around 500 people in the room laughing and enjoying the show as I made the volunteers believe they were rockstars, taking them on imaginary vacations, turning them into world class booty dancers, racing imaginary horses.

The audience was loving it!

I even did a part of the show at the end called two minutes of transformation where I led all of the volunteers through a rapid transformation process.

This little exercise changed their lives in minutes as a “gift” for being the star of the show!

But then, something happened that changed my life…


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