Unblock your Money – Magic of Healings

It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest sources of happiness. Money is the only thing that can be used everywhere. There must be few times when despite genuine efforts and hard-work, the results are not as expected. Money blocks are negative subconscious beliefs about money that block/limit one from achieving conscious desires.

If you have been facing money blockages for very long and despite applying every method, the efforts have all been in vain, there is something you can do to rejuvenate the process. Doxrix has amazing instructors and consultants who can help you out with the money blockage issue. Doxrix instructors will give you various tips and tricks to help you get out of this situation. The instructors will connect with you through video sessions or call. You can choose your own timings for the session as per your preference.


  • It always occurs to have more money going out than coming in (More Expenditure)
  • You feel you’re financially stuck and think that you have money blockage.
  • According to you, you feel that no matter what you do, things don't seem to get better where money is concerned.
  • You work hard and overtime but never get great result despite the performance.

If you witness any of these problems then it’s an indication you might be going through a money blockage.

This short course will help remove the money blocks.

What we will cover in this course:

  • Get real - Getting rid of negative emotions around money, looking at chakras and chakra clearing.
  • Burn it down - Getting rid of limiting beliefs and blocks from our childhood, past lives and ancestral blocks.
  • Ramp it up - Boosting your manifesting power and abundance.


If you’re wondering that you don’t have enough money and you’re not grateful for what you have right now. You have greed of earning money and decide not to spend money. That’s when money blockages happen. For instance, you decide to not spend money till the time you earn certain digits in your life. This is known as abundance block. This is one of the most common money that occurs in individual’s life. It occurs when too much energy and focus is placed on one area of life.

Book your session at Doxrix to get yourself a relief from all the money blockages. Indulge with the most experienced instructors who will guide you throughput and will make sure all the money related issues has been resolved. They will work on your chakras not only that they will also work on changing your behavior which will make it easier to remove them.

The instructors at DOXRIX will make you understand about your subconscious mind and how to deal with certain doubts. They will reframe your beliefs and will help you to change your mindset. It is very important to know how to release money blocks and DOXRIX instructors will help you out.