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About This Course/Skill

The automation of processes within organisations is something which is becoming increasingly commonplace. Therefore, knowing which approach to take in order to achieve this is crucial. By learning how to manage the process of conducting such an automation is a great skill to have and a great way to future proof your career / business.

In this course we are going to cover:

- What is automation?

- The purpose and importance of automation.

- The benefits of automation.

- The prerequisites to launching an automation of process project - criteria to be met.

- Types of process "ripe" for automation.

- Importance of identifying the right team and who to include.

- 8 step process to delivering a successful automation process.

- The importance of getting buy in, and how to get leadership on board with automation.

- A case study example.

- Timeline expectations.

- An assignment to close out the course to get you started, to get you planning for your next automation AND a full detailed step by step plan for you to take away with you!

We will also discuss benefit realisation, how to sell this vision and how to initiate the next project once you have delivered a successful first project.

This course has been constructed by a Business Improvement professional who has created many business cases for, launched and delivered many automation of process projects. This method is tried and tested and has worked for me every time to deliver SIGNIFICANT automation benefits across organisations in all industries and of all sizes.

What you will learn

  • Get your Business Automation Score via our unique Business Health Check-Up
  • Discover the true potential of Google Forms & Sheets, the Secret Weapon for SME industry!
  • How to Automate Any Business Process using Forms & Sheets in less than 30 minutes
  • Business Automation Checklist - tools and systems you need to build a business that works without you
  • What can you do with the help of WhatsApp automation?
  • How to start your Business Automation journey to automate everything in less than 8 weeks?

Course For

  • Business owners
  • Managers / Team Leaders
  • Business Improvement Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Operational Leaders
  • Graduates


  • Computer/ Laptop
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Your Time & Focus

From a struggling Entrepreneur to Asia's. Leading Business Automation Coach, Kewal Kishan grew Skyrocket and helped 3000+ Business Owners across Globe🌍
Kewal is an Automation Geek and has helped 15+ MNCs and 3000+ business owners skyrocket their Business using G-Suite Systems.
He saw a Big Gap between Business Owners' dreams and their Skills-Systems and created a mission of scaling their businesses by enabling them in Skills & Systems.
He is going to empower 1 million Businesses till year 2030. He can empower you as well.
Are you ready to automate your Business?


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