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About This Course/Skill

14-Day Filmmaker is for anyone who wants to produce cinematic & emotional videos without wasting
months trying to figure it all out on your own.

           With Just A Smartphone Or DSLR You Can Learn To Create Professional:


    Grow your audience with professional quality videos

                  SMARTPHONE CONTENT

         Shoot pro-level content with the camera you have in your pocket


What you will learn

14-Day Filmmaker Agenda

Learn the fundamental laws of cinematic & emotional filmmaking in the fastest timeframe possible

 Fundamentals, Gear & Camera Settings

*    What you should look for when buying a camera, lenses, lights, mics, and so on.

*    The exact gear you should buy depending on your budget and goals

*    The fundamental camera settings for quality videos

*    1-Hour Exercise: Content quiz and practicing with what you have

Focal Lengths & Lenses

*    The different types of lenses on.

*    What you should look for when purchasing lenses

*    Frame rate tutorials: How to get the best slow motion footage

*    Getting creative with focal lengths

*    1-Hour Exercise: Focal length challenge & practice foundational camera settings


*    Ideal Video composition

*    10 primary camera angles

*    Composition that evokes emotion

*    Make boring things look awesome with movement

*    1-Hour Exercise: Shoot 10 cinematic movements & recreate 5 composition shot

Cinematic Movements

*    How to increase the quality of your videos by adding cinematic movements

*    Handheld movements techniques

*    Tripod movement techniques

*    The different tools (steadicams, gimbals, etc.) and how to use them

*    1-Hour Exercise: Practical exercises for learning movement


*    Fundamentals of lighting

*    10 primary camera angles

*    White balance

*    Split lighting

*    The 3 point setup

*    Color temperature

*    How to get cinematic lighting in a difficult environments

*    Creative lighting techniques

*    1-Hour Exercise: Practice the 3 point lighting setup

Sound Design

*    Capturing clean audio

*    Editing audio

*    Professional sound design

*    Finding & selecting sound effects

*    Finding & selecting soundtracks & songs for commercials

*    1-Hour Exercise: Downloadable practice material + practical exercises

File Management + Intro To Editing

*    Staying organized

*    How to save hours editing with naming conventions and a file tree

*    File storage and backup

*    1-Hour Exercise: Create your file tree, organize all content shot thus far with naming conventions & breakdown five commercials lighting setups

Professional Editing Walkthrough

*    Learn how to edit in: DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro

*    Full walkthrough of each editing software

*    Choose whichever program you like!

*    1-Hour Exercise: Download the example footage and follow over-the-shoulder editing tutorial to recreate final commercial

Intro To After Effects

*    Adobe After Effects animations

*    Keyframing in after effects

*    Creating and using Motion Graphics templates

*    Separate yourself from the crowd with motion graphics

*    1-Hour Exercise: Download practice commercial and remake all the graphics in the tutorial

Virtual Job Shadows

*    Follow us on live commercial sets.

*    Learn how to direct talent

*    Understanding both sides of the camera

*    Observe our start to finish process in action.

*    Commercial breakdowns: Behind the scenes of profitable video advertising

*    1-Hour Exercise: Film a creative lighting scene

Scriptwriting & Using A Storyboard

*    What is a value video?

*    Basics of scriptwriting

*    Keys to developing an effective storyboard

*    Creative ways to get attention

*    Pre-production process for planning your commercial shoots

*    Watch us write a script for 14-day filmmaker

*    1-Hour Exercise: Write your first script and develop the storyboard

Shoot Your Commercial

*    Day of preparation

*    7 strategies for finding on camera talent (for free)

*    How to shoot mouth-watering B-roll

*    Getting into state for leading the shoot and winning the day 

Course For

  • You want to learn how to shoot, direct & edit cinematic commercials that produce real profits - or you want to learn to do it better.
  • We’ll be starting from the ground up so the program can take you from zero to hero—however, this program is also great for experienced content creators who want to learn Next Level Creators methods for how to actually SHOOT high quality video.
  • You're willing to put in some work - this program works when you do. If you plan to invest in the program and get to it whenever you get to it, Youtube is a better place to procrastinate


1. Mobile/ Computer/ Laptop

2. Active Internet Connection

3. Your Time & Focus

If you’re thinking about becoming a filmmaker, you’re likely wondering what does a filmmaker do. A filmmaker is in charge of deciding what aspects of an actor or actresses’ portrayal of the scene need to be altered from the script. They provide the creative flair and edge that sets the movie apart. Giving directions to the actors and actresses is very important because often, the filmmaker is responsible for the tone that the movie takes.

While the film director is in charge of actors and actresses, he/she also plays a role in the technical direction of the movie. From the behind the scenes lighting crew to the filming team, filmmakers work hard to ensure that the shots that are being recorded are the highest quality possible and provide a deep dramatic backdrop.


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