Expose yourself to magnificent Tools & Aspects of Acting that I have come across in my Acting Career that has spanned over 35 years and is still counting.

About This Course/Skill

The Acting workshop is specifically designed for busy people, even full-time job holders.

This is a complete LIVE Workshop for the duration of 3 days. This means that you will have the chance to learn LIVE and clarify all your doubts.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? This is Just created to Help you with the know-how of the right Acting tools that are not available anywhere and taught by anyone else…

They will have a Powerful Impact on you and your Acting.

Live Sessions

There will be 3 LIVE SESSIONS that are scheduled.

Day : 1

Authenticity & Body Language

The First Session will be all about getting more clarity on Authenticity and Body Language to Understand the Motive of a Character. Monologues will play a great role in helping you gauge the aspect of Authenticity.

Day : 2

Text Interpretation

Learn about Text Interpretation and the art of using the Script to emphasize landing your words in the right manner. Gauging the script and making the Interpretation real is key!

Day : 3

Breath & Essence

Breath and it’s essence. Pacing real-time delivery of dialogues will only be possible by breathing properly. Following this will be a Q&A session where I will answer all your questions.

What you will learn


  • Will help you understand why being authentic is necessary is Acting.
  • Authenticity helps understand the motive of a character.
  • Being confident and consistent in your skills will make producers hire you more often than not.
  • This gives you a great sense of purpose to be more authentic...

Text interpretation

  • The exact breakthrough of going about the right words/script to emphasize landing your words.
  • Sharing great insights on interpretation that will not be taught anywhere else.


  • Breath is responsible for pacing real-time dialogue delivery. Understand how this works from my past experiences on stage... Learn how breath improves articulation too.
  • Some fun and cool exercises that will help release stress and improve your breathing for good.


  • I will share with you superb tools to ace your monologues without facing any problems.
  • Monologues will be covered on all the 3 days and watch how I teach you to be more proficient in this aspect.

Course For

The sole purpose of the Acting Workshops is to give away great value that I have acquired over the years via acting on stage and in front of a camera.


This is pure Gold for Actors and Actresses who want to upskill themselves with tools and skill sets that an A Level Actor possesses and showcases on screen!

Aspiring Actors

  • Pursue Acting as a passion and enjoy it whenever you perform!
  • Learn some skill-sets that will help bring about a positive mindset change.
  • Understand how to stand out and be unique from others.

Theatre Actors

  • Understand how to approach Auditions.
  • Learn how to let go of all your fears.
  • Better clarity on Acting tools and their usage.


Drama Enthusiasts

  • Learn from my invaluable 35+ years experience in Drama.
  • Being confident on stage and letting go of stage fear.
  • Importance of a routine to develop your skills.


Film Actors

  • Understand the essence of Auditions and use it as a self help tool.
  • Learn the skills an A-lister possesses and understand the dynamics of it.
  • Let go of all the unnecessary myths that any Actor shouldn’t fall prey to.


Cinema Lovers

  • Understand how Actors train themselves to portray the way they are showcasing something.
  • Learn some awesome skills yourself and experience the Joy of performing just like your Favourite Actor!
  • Appreciate all those little aspects, Actors work on to be on point on Screen.


Creative Individuals

  • Use your creativity and apply them into some great Acting tools and skill sets!
  • You will start to enjoy true Acting by understanding some in depth Acting aspects.
  • Increase creativity by learning something completely new in the world of Acting!


1. Mobile/Computer/ Laptop

2. Active Internet Connection

3. Your Time & Focus

Hi, I’m Vidushi Mehra, a passionate theatre entrepreneur with an experience in the corporate sector for 12 years. Since 2009, I have performed as an actor in over 40 productions. In 2016, I became producer and director in my last production in April 2019 and continue to act on stage, films and commercials. Theatre helped make my foray in the Indian film industry. Having taken up the challenge to disseminate my talent and growth by seeking meaningful roles, with my first supporting role in ‘Aisha’ (2010), I’ve carved a niche with dynamic roles in critically acclaimed drama “No One Killed Jessica” (2011) “Saat Khoon Maaf” (2012), “Bajaatey Raho” (2013), Fugly (2014) and most recently, “Moh Maya Money” (2016), which garnered a lot of attention at major film festivals in the world. My latest releases for the OTT platforms are CollarBomb with Jimmy Shergill for Hotstar slated to release in May 2021 and Anurag Kashyap’s film Dobaaraa for Netflix , slated to release at the end of the year. Also, I have featured in numerous TV commercials and various other digital marketing films for brands like Dark Fantasy Choco fills , Google pay ,Pepsodent, Mahindra, Big Bazaar, Dove India, Nestle, Kindle, IDFC Bank, Kosh Oats, Sunfeast Yippee Noodles, Navrattan Talc, Uber, Officers Choice, DTDC Courier, Make My Trip, Oxfam India, Plan India, Lenscrafters, Kamaayurveda, and multiple ad campaigns for the Government of India.


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    well organised session

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    I am really impressed with the way you teach.

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    The way you introduce every topic is so unique. Love that part.

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    The way you explain topics in an easy-to-understand way is really impressive.

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    I also want to be a instructor like you. You inspire me a lot.

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