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About This Course/Skill

The legal system of a country regulates a varied set of rules which aim to enforce and implement laws to ensure that all citizens enjoy benefits granted through social or governmental systems. This is the crux of what Law courses encompass. They cover laws in different aspects from criminal law to labour law as well as corporate law and other regulatory systems. You get to learn about the constitution in detail as well as how various laws and regulations came into being as well as their applications. Along with this, most of these courses incorporate extensive practical training through mock trials, internships, analyses of case studies, amongst others. There are mainly four types of Laws that you might come across while studying an academic programme in this field and these are:

Criminal Law: The set of laws which penalise certain acts and omissions which are harmful to the society and to a common Individual. They prescribe punishments and procedure according to the gravity of the crime.
Civil Law: The law which renders aid to the person against any exploitation and bears no imprisonment rather asks compensation or reimbursement for damages.
Corporate Law: A system of criminal justice that aims to ensure that business operations are facilitated by adhering to local and federal laws of conduction business legally.
Labour Law: Its main objective is to ensure that employees aren’t taken advantage by their employees and corporations and these laws regulate different issues such as unionizations, benefits disputes, etc.

  • The different routes to studying and working in law
  • The skills needed to work in law
  • The different practice areas in law
  • Diversity and support in the legal sector
  • Jurisprudence (Basic Theory of Law)
  • Law of Contract
  • Constitutional Law
  • Family Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Law of Crimes
  • Special Contract
  • Labour and Industrial Law
  • Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
  • Law of Evidence
  • Environmental Law
  • Prestige, Respect & Self Confidence
  • Strong academic foundation
  • Career Longevity

What you will learn

  • Describe the different routes into law
  • Evaluate which route would suit you best
  • Explain which skills are valued in law
  • Explore how you can develop your own skillset
  • Assess the diversity within the legal sector
  • Summarise the key support structures for professionals within law
  • Evaluate whether a career in law is the right fit for you

Course For

  • This course is designed for anyone considering a career in law or who would like to find out more about studying law and working in the legal sector. No prior expertise in law or the law sector is required.


  • Mobile Phone / Laptop/ Computer
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Your Time & Focus

Advocate, Startup Coach, Tax / IPR Practitioner and Consultant, Business Developer, CS Professional, Renowned Legal Author (Ranked 6th in Most Popular Author World List by Mondaq), UGC NET Qualified. Amongst Most Followed Lawyers on Linkedin in India.
Graduated from National Law Institute University (Bhopal), Post Graduated with LLM in Business Law and IPR from Oriental University. Pursuing Juris Doctorate JD/PhD in Trademarks Law and Artificial Intelligence. Registered with Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh.
Presently engaged as Lawyer with R.K Dewan & Co. involved in IP Litigation, Prosecution and Content Writing. I was previously engaged as Senior Associate with Khurana & Khurana Advocates and IP Attorneys, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan Attorneys and Vohra & Vohra.
I, specifically hold the forte of Business Development/Tax, IPR and Corporate Litigation for Indian/Southeast Asian geographies. Managing and understanding the client-specific requirements and ensuring efficient service deliverables in any IP, Tax and Corporate domain.
Having experience and skills in dealing with high profile clients, appearing before different judicial and quasi-judicial bodies including High courts, IPAB, NCLT, CESTAT, VAT Tribunals, Lower authorities.


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